Building Your Future
Building Your Future

A home isn’t built in a day – it takes effort and time.

Timing is Key
Timing is Key

Don’t wait to buy real-estate. Buy real-estate and wait!

Safe as Houses
Safe as Houses

The best time to buy real-estate is now!


Chris and Daniel are passionate about finding the right property for our clients, reviewing industry data regarding market cycles and building relationships with developers, builders and managers to ensure our clients access quality products at the right price. Putting our clients FIRST, educating clients on what is possible for them is key, not only to our success, but to the success of each client

Property Funding Solutions was established to assist clients create wealth not take it from them. We choose not to charge a fee for our service rather our payment is from the real estate commission. This ensures the client has no unnecessary costs, and that we work to provide you with the assistance you need.

Our referral partner brokers also choose not to charge a brokerage fee as they too wish to educate clients on debt reduction and cash flow. Their payment is from the bank (finance funder) not from our clients.

  • NO Memberships!
  • NO ‘club’ joining fees!
  • NO brokerage fees!

Our recommendations to clients are based on the individual financial position. Our relationships with numerous developers, builders and agents enables us to provide the property that is right for our individual client

If you are looking for finance for your own home or investment – contact us for your personal FINANCE HEALTH CHECK

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