“Nothing is too small to know and nothing is too big to attempt”
William Van Horne

PFS was established to provide mentoring and education through personalised service and providing the right product for clients wanting to achieve financial success. We educate on cashflow, encouraging awareness of how to better use personal cashflow, enhance understanding of the investment property purchase – from assessing personal financial opportunity through to selection and offer an ongoing relationship to review, update and ‘tweak’ your portfolio as time moves on.

We work alongside you thereby removing the emotional stress and time consuming effort that comes with property investment. We provide unbiased, honest opinions about the property market providing our clients with comprehensive reports and data that allows each client to be comfortable as they move forward building their property portfolio

We have established referral partners who are independent like-minded professionals offering their services at no obligation to our clients to ensure successful outcomes

The Team

Property Funding Solutions is a family business established in 2015. After many years in the property investment industry Chris and Alison knew there was a missing element in most of the property marketing companies – focus on the customer. Any agent can sell a property and any broker can obtain finance but who educates you as to how best to use your cash flow? What do you need your investment to achieve for you in both short and long term? How to safe guard your home? Is this the right property for you? Chris and Alison knew each individual has differing appetites for investment, differing financial circumstances, differing reasons for investment but few ‘professionals’ were listening. It cannot be denied that most Australians are ill prepared for a comfortable retirement nor take advantage of the Australian Tax system to assist them with investing, so it became clear there is a need to provide a mentor service to clients to understand the process. Once understanding is achieved then action can be taken